Friday, May 2, 2014


2014 marks the 15th year that our nation has designated the entire month of May to celebrating, honoring and appreciating all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in America's armed forces.  At Healing Heroes Network, we are so excited about what this month brings, and how it joins all of us in remembering to show our gratitude to the very Heroes who ensure our freedom.  Here are some special dates to remember this May:

All month long - Military Appreciation month
Armed Forces week - May 10 - May 18
Loyalty Day - May 1
Remembrance Day for fallen Heroes of WWII - May 8 - May 9
V-E Day - May 8
Military Spouse Day - May 9
Armed Forces Day - May 17
Memorial Day - May 26

We hope that you will take the opportunity this month to do something special in honor of these courageous men and women.  You could organize a fundraising event in your community, send a care package to service members stationed overseas through Healing Heroes Network's "Morale Package" program, fly the American flag on your house or car all month long, support a military charity, say "THANK YOU for your service" when you see a person dressed in military uniform...  The possibilities are endless!

Whatever you decide to do this month to show your appreciation, we hope you remember to be grateful every day, all year long, to the Heroes that make our freedom possible!  Visit the National Military Appreciation Month website at for more ideas and information

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