Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An HHN Hero Story

A Hero’s Story:
Spc. Austin H.

Spc. Austin H. joined the Army shortly after his 18th birthday.   Trained as a combat medic, he was assigned to the third brigade combat team, 82nd Airborne Division.  As a trauma team leader, he provided medical care to his fellow wounded soldiers.

After returning home, Austin struggled with memories of the terror he had witnessed.  His PTSD however, did not emerge until a car accident 2 years later brought all of his buried pain to the surface.  Austin's family says he  "hit rock bottom, and just 'lost it'".  Unemployment, addiction, and a "severe disconnect with  personal relationships" followed.

Austin's father Eric contacted Healing Heroes Network, hoping to "improve his life and get the help he needs".  Dr. Samuel Smithyman, (a Healing Heroes Network Provider and Air Force Veteran himself), began seeing Austin for Counseling sessions, and Austin began to take his first steps toward healing within weeks.  His sister Sara states, "Healing Heroes Network was immediately responsive and supportive. My brother began seeing Dr. Smithyman, and has really been able to turn things around."  Seconds Eric, "Healing Heroes Network's role in this incredible change is significant.  I fear that Austin may have slipped past the point of help if they had not stepped in and assisted!"

Healing Heroes Network is proud and honored to assist Heroes like Austin every day!  If you know a hero like Austin who is in need of assistance for treatment, we encourage you to have them contact us at (727)781-4376, or email to info@healingheroes.org.