Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Military Spouse Day - May 9, 2014

We all tend to think of  "America's Heroes" as the brave soldiers who fight, on the front lines, overseas, defending our freedom.  And they certainly are.  But what about the husbands and wives who are left behind?  The sacrifices they make are every bit as heroic and selfless. 

That is why in 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated the Friday before Mother's Day of every year, as "Military Spouse Day", to recognize and celebrate the profound importance of spousal commitment to the readiness and well being of America's military personnel.  Every U.S. President since Reagan has made an address on this day, to acknowledge the sacrifices made by military spouses, and show our appreciation.

All too often we take for granted and disregard the pillars of support that are Military Spouses.  While their husbands or wives are off at war, these heroes are fighting the battles on the home front, taking care of the home and children all alone, while struggling through loneliness and fear of the worst... something happening to their loved one.  They often celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and childbirth alone, and they do it with pride, knowing it is for the greater good.

If you know the spouse of a military hero, take the time this Friday, May 9th, to do something special for them.  Buy them dinner.  Mow their yard.  Babysit their kids for a while.  Spend time with them just talking about their struggles....  Known throughout the armed forces as the "True backbone and fighting spirit of the military", we owe them just as much gratitude and appreciation, as they stand behind their spouse in uniform.

We at Healing Heroes Network would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you, for sacrificing and supporting, and helping to keep our country free.

Happy Military Spouse Day!

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