Friday, September 21, 2012

POW/MIA Recognition Day

Today is POW/MIA Recognition Day. There are a lot of words we can say, but we think John McCain, who was a prisoner of war himself, said it perfectly in 2008.
"Today, we mark National POW/MIA Recognition Day, and I salute my comrades who served their country in unusual circumstances, and remember those who never returned.
 "During my time in Hanoi, I was witness to a thousand acts of kindness, courage, and love by some of the finest Americans I've ever had the privilege to know. They, like thousands of others before and since, served our nation proudly and with honor. They would all agree, though, that the real heroes are those who never came home, and whose final fates, in too many cases, are still unknown. We owe our missing comrades, whose ranks include service members from World War II to the current conflict, a debt we can never repay, and we owe their families the peace and closure that only the fullest possible accounting of the fates of their loved ones can provide."
 We will not forget you.

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