Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Strong!

The 2012 Olympics started this past weekend in London. While I'm, of course, rooting for my country of America, I'm especially rooting for those who keep our country safe AND are competing for glory--our service members.

This year, sixteen U.S. military members are competing in various events. Thirteen are from the Army and one each from the Navy, Marines, and Air Force. They're all competing in events that you'd expect from America's best and bravest: wrestling, fencing, shooting, track & field, etc. Many of the skills they've perfected in our armed forces will allow them to succeed in this year's Olympics.

So, while you're cheering on America to victory, remember to yell an extra bit louder for our service members. Our support is why they're able to achieve so much.

Check out more on our Olympic Service Members at the DoD's website about these amazing men and women.

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