Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another letter of support from one of our Hero families!

SSgt. Jose Pequeno began seeing an HHN Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provider in April 2010. Jose lost the bottom two lobes of the left-side of his brain, and is known as one of the most severely wounded servicemen to come home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To this day, Jose is unable to care for himself and requires around-the-clock care. While his outlook appears grim, HHN is determined to give this true American Hero every opportunity to regain as much function as possible.

“The treatment that Jose receives from Healing Heroes Network is fantastic and very loving,” said Nellie Bagley, Jose’s mother. “Both my son and I feel like we are welcomed with open arms with the care they provide. Healing Heroes has made a difference in our lives by their accommodating atmosphere, offers and health care. They are willing to try what others are not, and give us the time to gain progress. Healing Heroes is a wonderful network that not only opens their arms and hearts to us, but veterans of all kinds.”

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