Monday, November 1, 2010

Military Family month is here!

It's time to show your appreciation, gratitude, and respect for veterans, members of the armed forces, and military families. Military Family Appreciation Month honors the sacrifices of our military families. Army families of Active, Guard, Reserve, veterans, and retirees are giving back in a time of need, and sustain and support the Soldiers who defend our Nation. Whether you have a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or are a veteran yourself - it's time to think about the sacrifices our Heroes and their families make every day. You can make a difference in a Hero's life today by making a donation.

Honoring and remembering the enormous sacrifices that veterans have made, and continue to make, is a duty of every American. The courage, valor, loyalty and bravery they have shown throughout history can never be forgotten, or taken for granted. They have safe-guarded our freedoms and continue to fight for the values and beliefs Americans hold most dear - democracy, equality, liberty, and freedom. These things do not come without a price. Our armed service men and women, both past and present, are the Heroes who have upheld these precious gifts and are doing so at this very moment. You can directly help repay their sacrifice by helping them heal.

Army families are important, since the strength of our Heroes comes from the strength of their families. Our nation's Hero families are giving back in this time of need. With thousands of service members deployed, recognizing their daily sacrifices has never been more important. During the month of November, we want to showcase your family. Send us your stories, pictures and videos and tell us in your own words what it means to be an "Strong Hero Family."

For the Troops,
The Healing Heroes Network Team

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